How to get Tiktok popular creator Badge Easily.

How to get Popular creator Badge on Tiktok

Tiktok gives badge to only users who creates a best videos or who are a providing a quality contents constantly.some peoples are confused with the this badge eligibility .This badge is not given on the verification on the your verification on the contact info or any other things. so a2zmods providing you some hidden tips to get this faster as possible.

At first we want to clear that popular content badge will not get in the one day .you want to constantly work hard to get this badge.

So i will explain very important tips which will help you to get badge fast

1.Pick a perfect Niche .

Niche is the very important part or master key. At first we want take a perfect niche means which u explain gracefully or creatively than other .

It can be your hobby,u must take care that it should be a  unique niche   it will make your work easy.We want to stay sticked this niche .If you observed  maximum POPULAR CREATORS  are those who have a unique niche.

2.Use a good setup –

At this we want to use a good setup means. good camera.Camera will help we to maker Good quality videos .As u can buy Other accessories  like Ring Light stand and Good mic for good audio quality.Also if you are using the mobile phones u can use the small lenses. this lenses will make videos like you using DSLR cameras.

3.Create a quality content –

After doing this all yo next step is to creating a quality content with a good  creative acting .If you are making a quality contents ,and peoples will follow you and also will  give a likes to you.

I also found that the Most of suspense keeping  videos becomes easily viral and the this videos will helps you to get more followers and the a more likes.

4. Be consistent –

You want to keep updating a good quality videos. If your videos are  quality your audiance will wait for upcoming contents .for this users will follow  for  upcoming  videos ,

5.Use Trending #Hashtags

Try to be update with a trends. Use of hashtags connects your videos with a unique word or hashtag . Every time  keeping updating what is  coming new in a media or social media . Social media contents always trends easily the the other contents so using  hashtags related to this contents is best option to easily get viral.Using this keywords as a hashtags will help to grew up our views and account performance.

6. Use TIKTOK PRO account

tiktok pro account Gives an extra option in menu called as a “analytics”

It gives a extra information about our content , means it gives  more information about

1. Specific content got how many views.

2. How many profile visit in week.

3. In which country your videos are being played

4. Gender  of followers

This all points will help you to understand which topic is giving u more likes and follower . It will help we to make future content and giving our best and one thing is most important that is we will not get popular creator in one day . for this we want  to work continiously. to get tiktok popular creator badge.




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